Leaders, Principals, & Administrators

t1_rivers2“I’ve listened to him [Evert] a ton, and I still enjoy it today. I’m not a teen, but it speaks directly to me as well. You just hear how people’s hearts can be pure . . . and the whole way to go about it. He’s dead on to exactly what these kids are going through every day.”

– Philip Rivers (NFL Quarterback)

“I have been principal of RHS for twenty years, and this was the most effective assembly we have had during that time. You could have heard a pin drop during the hour-long program.”

– Principal, LA.

“Your presentation really turned many of the students around completely. I’ve had many students through writing and verbally tell me how this seminar changed their lives. So much, that there were a few break – ups that week, due to pressure about sex and other sexual activity.”

– Principal, MO

“Our 8th grade students went on a field trip to listen to Jason Evert speak. He was phenomenal. I was a little leery at first as to how this would be received, however, our students were totally engaged and rivited to his every word. Sometimes you see kids, especially middle and high school students that are doing other things instead of listening. This was not the case with Jason. He spoke fast and furious, no time for the kids to get bored or have their minds wonder or you might miss something. This speaker opened up much needed conversation between adults and students, so that they can really make informed choices, not just follow what everyone else is doing.”

– Principal, CA

“Jason spoke for an hour and a quarter and had a line stretching out the gym door to speak with him afterward. There wasn’t any finger wagging, but a calling on the natural desire to true love.”

– President, IL

 “The presentation you gave was the best presentation I have heard in 20 years of education. I can tell you as an administrator I was a little nervous having a speaker talk to our kids for over an hour on chastity. I heard you were a good speaker, but that didn’t help much the night before your talk. (ha) It was the most sincere and heartwarming talks I ever heard. You kept our students on the edge of their seats. Wow!”

– Assistant Principal, NE

“It really did make a difference. We had several sexually active girls in the senior class that said they were going to be resolved to be chaste from now on. All of the kids responded well.  Thanks for the program, It was excellent, just what we needed!”

– Principal

“I very enthusiastically endorse and wholeheartedly recommend to you Mr. Jason Evert and his presentation on chastity. Jason has a wonderful ability to present his material in a very frank and straightforward way, while also being respectful and reverent.”

– Asst. Principal, IL


“In 26 years of being at this school, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the kids give a standing ovation.”

– Teacher

“We received a call from a local OBGYN who said that her office has been literally bombarded with girls going in for examinations and testing. She said, ‘Whoever this speaker was–bring ’em back! It worked!’ We’ve seen a lot, lot of fruit!”

-– Teacher

“My teacher said that you were the first speaker that every teacher in the school agreed upon. There’s usually at least one teacher who doesn’t like the speakers, but every single teacher agreed that you were an incredible speaker and you knew your information well! Knowing the teachers at my school, and knowing how critical some are, that’s a huge accomplishment!

– Student

“When we got back to school, I asked if anyone would like to write you a thank you letter and to my complete shock they all did. Remain firm in your calling.”

– Teacher

“I’ve had a number of phone calls from parents saying how much they appreciate what you said to their kids. This one mom left a voice mail–it was actually kind of funny–and she was just “gushing” with praise. Her daughter made her come and see you that night. Nikki said, “Mom–you just gotta see” — so mom could understand why. Nikki was so affected and excited. Our president and principal received a bunch of phone calls too from parents praising you and your talk. That kind of thing just doesn’t happen very often around here. You got the “3 Chill” rating from a student in my class (Sarah) said that she got “chills” three times during your talk and that’s how she knows it was a good talk. I guess instead of “3 stars”–you got “3 chills.”

– Teacher

“I just wanted to thank you sincerely for your presentation. Many of the kids said you are the best abstinence speaker they’ve heard.”

– Teacher

“Your talk had a powerful impact on our students. Whatever supply of chastity cards and booklets that we had were wiped out. We ordered 200 more of each, and most of those have been given out as well. I think that says a lot about how your words affected our students. I would also add the following. Each year I have my students write a final, year-end essay about any one topic that impacted them the most during the entire school year. While your presentation was not formally a part of the curriculum, a number of students nonetheless chose to identify it as the one thing that struck them the most. I even had several students saying to me things to the effect of: “When I heard we were going to have a speaker on chastity, I immediately thought it was going to be a boring presentation with no relevance to my life. But after hearing Jason speak, I thought what he had to say was great and it really influenced my thinking.” As you certainly know, the fact that teenagers would think these types of things is itself miraculous. It’s even more miraculous to hear them actually verbalize such thoughts to you! Several faculty members (including myself) felt that your presentation was the best assembly the school has EVER had–bar none.”


“Great Presentation. I honestly think this was the best approach to abstinence that I have seen.”


“The humor and strightforwardness was perfect and refreshing. I know now how I can talk to my own children someday about abstinence, even though I made some poor choices myself.”


“I was skeptical at first, but now agree with the idea of training yourself in faithfulness and how that can be effective for a successful marriage.”


“I overheard students talking in classes about things from your talk that they could relate to. Many of them told me that ‘you were so real’ and that you ‘were able to relate to them well.’ “Miss R., it was cool that he treated us like high school students and not little kids.’ ‘he really made you think.’ so, go you!!! .”

– Teacher

“Fantastic! If anyone can get through to high school students, it’s you. I’m sure you made a positive impression on everyone there, and the information you presented was invaluable.”

– Teacher

“I have never seen the student body so attentive during an assembly!”

– Teacher

“I was thinking about those kids who come up to you, hardly knowing you at all, and just talk to you about their past. I think it’s because they see you as a friendly figure, one who is not going to condemn them, and one who can be trusted. A trustworthy figure is probably the rarest and most important person in a teenager’s life.”

– Teacher


“The superintendent said that has never had such a response positively by parents and also the school district. They had over 100 calls saying that this had opened up the door of communication. And I believe for every 100 that made that effort that there were many more who did not.”

–- Parent

“Sara really loved the Jason Evert talk. She told me all about it. For me the tuition just payed for itself. Thanks for much for getting Jason to the school. He has had such an impact on all of us.”

– Parent

“I want to thank you for speaking to the kids at BHS a couple weeks ago. We have a daughter there – a freshman – and I’m pleased that she was able to hear your presentation. You speak their language; you have credibility.”

– Parent

“What a positive impact Jason had on everyone present! The day was a gift; like that advertisement we have all seen on TV: Priceless. He stayed and talked with kids until the end of the school day. My daughter said his approach and words with the kids in these small group and individual sessions was “gold”. The line to meet with him got longer during the day, not shorter, as kids dropped by and asked to be seen. It has been a week today, and the kids are still alive with his talk. Kids are still asking if there will be more promise cards available, but of course, the biggest changes we do not “see.” It is within individual hearts. And yes, Jason changed lives forever. How do we thank you all for helping us to make this day possible? We are a small school, but I feel it was a ripple which will spread. The kids went home and shared their experience last Wednesday with their parents and families. The football coach said he was going to begin practice by saying he stands by every word Jason said and he expects the team to do the same. To close, my daughter said every student came into the assembly with a closed mind, thinking, ‘Man, they’ve been preaching chastity since grade school. What could they possibly say that would impact on my life? This will be a drag!’ Within two seconds, every individual was absorbed into Jason’s talk, with the feeling he was addressing them individually, personally and with so much heart, they would be able to look back on this day and say,’My life was changed on February 18, 2004. Thanks, Jason Evert.’

–  Parent

 “I just wanted to Thank you for the outstanding message you conveyed last week, at my daughter’s high school, in Bakersfield. My daughter came home and talked and talked about saving herself, and the affects of sexually transmitted diseases, etc. I was absolutely delighted to see her interest in your important message. It is just wonderful to know that you presented a message that my daughter has talked about and continues to talk about, in such a positive manner! She has even put the pure love card in her backpack! Thank you, again, from a grateful and thankful parent of a 9th grade girl.”


“We heard you speak last night, and my 16-year-old son–though dragged there sighing and rolling his eyes–was blown away by your talk. Thanks.”


“We were so blessed to be able to hear Jason’s words! Our teens loved it – especially the boys! I can’t tell you how many moms came to me and said how much their boy loved it! They are reading his book and one of the girls even shared some of the info in the book. Some of the other girls looked at her with a questioning look, and she said, ‘I learned it from Jason’s book!’ The girls were amazed, as she is struggling quite a bit right now!”

– Parent