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Made New Twenty-five lies stand between abuse survivors and the healing they deserve. They often believe: It was my fault. I’m fine. Really. I can’t tell anyone. I’ll get help later. I’ll never be healed. I’ll never trust again. I’m unlovable. I can’t forgive. In Made New, Crystalina Evert defuses the power of these lies and others by speaking truth into each Read more…

Pure Womanhood (Public school version)

By: Crystalina Evert

In today’s world, it is all too easy for a young woman to fool herself with lies about love. What does she tell herself? “Guys don’t want a pure girl.” “Nobody’s getting hurt.” “It’s all fun and games.” “It’s my body. It’s my choice.” “If I say no, I might lose him.” “I can’t be alone.” “It’s too late for me.” Read more…

Pure Manhood (Public school version)

By: Jason Evert

Young men deserve straight answers to tough questions about women, dating, sexuality, and authentic masculinity, including… What do girls want? How far is too far? What’s wrong with just thinking about it? What’s wrong with porn? You’re not hurting anyone. What if it’s just a swimsuit magazine? If she’s willing to do it, why is it wrong? What about safe Read more…

Pure Love (Public school version)

By: Jason Evert

This booklet is the result of countless interactions between Jason Evert and teenagers during his seminars on chastity. In an easy to read question and answer format, Pure Love is a great introduction to the topic of abstinence. You’ve heard the questions before: Is sex bad? Isn’t everyone else doing it? What’s wrong with pornography? Aren’t I being good as long as I don’t Read more…

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