Will any good guy love me if I made some mistakes and am carrying “baggage”?

The first thing to realize is that if a guy holds your past against you, then he isn’t that good of a guy.

You may think that the better a guy is, the less likely he would be to accept you with your “baggage.” Actually, the opposite is true. When a “good guy” accepts a girl who has a bad past, it is an act of love. He’s helping her to see that her value isn’t determined by her past. It’s determined by the fact that she’s a human being, and deserves to be treated with respect.

The truth is, we all have made mistakes. Even good guys have their imperfections. Suppose, though, that you met a young man who had a less-than-perfect past. Would you refuse to accept him? If you would accept such a man, then why would a good guy refuse to accept you?

Keep hope alive, and may the following words from a husband to his wife (who didn’t have a perfect past) be a comfort for you: “I was always held to a higher standard by you than by any other girl I ever dated. You were strong, uncompromised, and pure. That’s all I know of you. That’s all that matters to me.”

Do not be afraid that you will not find a good guy or that you will not have a successful marriage. The absence of virginity does not doom marriages, but the absence of the virtue of chastity often does. No matter what’s happened in the past, you can always regain your virtue.