“Matt is taking on a topic that is destroying society, pornography. It’s not enough to tell people to avoid pornography, they need a vision of life that exposes pornography for what it is. Matt does a great job of this.”

– Parent, MN

Thank you for your talk! It was by far the best speech I’ve listened to about Chastity. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge!(: P.S. You’re accent adds a nice touch!)

– Teenager,  KS.

“I just wanted to let you know you changed my life this weekend. I am an 18 year old and I am a freshman in college. I, unlike most of my friends, am still a virgin and I have this girl who is a friend who has basically been in love with me for 3 years. I planned on using her to finally “get rid” of my virginity. Your talk changed my mind 100% and made me realize what a horrible thing that would be. I plan on waiting until I get married and find the perfect woman!”

– Teenager

“I was at your high school talk this morning and I just wanted to let you know how much you’ve inspired me!  I just wanted to tell you that you’ve really got me motivated to get back on track with chastity. A few months ago I was in a pretty impure relationship. Your talk really got me thinking and I’ve decided to turn it around.  if you have any more of those little cards I’d really like to take a chastity pledge too.”

– Teenager