“For years, the message of chastity and relationships has focused on physical boundaries, without adequate attention being given to the importance of emotional virtue. Sarah Swafford is a pioneer in this field and we believe that her speeches and writings will prove to be a tremendous gift to all the young people who hear her message.”

– Jason and Crystalina Evert

“You truly touched my life, Sarah, and I am so blessed to have heard your talk. You are truly an inspiration to me and I thank you deeply for helping me realize that I am worth so much more than I previously thought I was.”

– Teen, Canada

“Some guys and I heard you speak in Nashville, and we just wanted to say thank you for changing the way we view relationships and women. You challenged us to be more, to want more out of life and ourselves. We are reading your book and have even shared it with other guys in our fraternity. You will never know the impact you have made on us.”

– Young Adult, Texas

“Wow. Thank you for your wise and encouraging words. I am a 19 year-old single mother of a 3 year-old little girl. I put so much pressure on myself and the men I meet. I just want you to know you have given me a clearer head and a much better attitude towards finding “Mr. Right”! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

– Teen, Australia

“You have helped me through one of the darkest times in my life. After I broke up with my girlfriend, I thought I would never love or even feel again. Your talk gave me hope and your book has given me direction and a plan to start over. Thank you. There are groups studying your book all over campus and we are all grateful to you.”

– Young Adult, Wisconsin

“Sarah, your talks and book have helped so much. Through listening to you and taking your advice, my friend has found strength she never knew she had. She finally cut off ties with a boy who did not respect her and used her. She realized her worth and knew she deserved better. Thank you so much for helping her find strength. I know you help so many people and watching her change and finally choose her own happiness over the happiness of the person who only thought about himself. Thank you again.”

– Young Adult, Kansas

“Sarah has a genuine way of connecting with her audience – both male and female. She combines humor with real life examples and helps everyone relate to her message, which is given in a kind, positive, and beautiful way!”

– Youth Leader, Kansas

“I attended your talk last night, and as a parent, I know you weren’t talking directly to me, but Sarah, you were talking directly to me. I needed to hear your words just as much as those teens. Thank you. My son and I talked the whole way home and we were able to understand one another on a much deeper level.”

– Mother, North Dakota

“Thank you for the most HONEST and REAL talk I have ever heard! Our teens need this, our youth leaders need this! Thank you!”

– Youth Leader, Ohio

“I have been trying to tell my teenage daughters everything you said in your talk over the past few years. Thank you for saying it for me, and with such truth and beauty.”

– Dad, California