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How Far is Too Far?


  1. Is it wrong to flirt with guys?
  2. How do you stop being flirty, and suddenly start saying no?

Hooking Up

  1. When I start doing stuff with a guy, and things are going too far, I'm always too afraid to say no. What should I do?
  2. Doesn’t chastity ruin the spontaneity and excitement of romance?
  3. Exactly how far is too far to go with a girl? Be specific.
  4. I'm not dating anyone, but I'm thinking of hooking up with a guy for the sake of it. I'm just a spontaneous person. Is that bad?
  5. What's wrong with just hooking up?


  1. Is French kissing bad? Everyone I talk to gives me a different answer.
  2. What's the big deal just making out with a girl?
  3. How much kissing is okay to do with a guy?


  1. Is it bad to wear a bikini?
  2. Why should I have to change the way I dress? If a guy has a bad imagination, that's his problem.
  3. How do you suddenly start dressing modestly? I'm kind of scared as to what people will think of me.


  1. Why is premarital sex bad? My friend is a freshman, and she says it's not a big deal, so she's going to try it. What do i say?
  2. Is oral sex okay, so that you don't go all the way?
  3. Can a girl get pregnant the first time? What if you don't go all the way with her?
  4. If premarital sex is so bad, why does it feel so good?
  5. Is it OK to have sex while you’re engaged? After all, you’re going to get married anyway.
  6. Is foreplay with your boyfriend wrong, as long as you can see yourself marrying him?
  7. My boyfriend and I sleep together, and my friend bugs me about it. How can I get her to see that he's not a bad guy?
  8. Can't we accept that people have different values when it comes to sex? Times have changed.
  9. If sex is good and natural, why shouldn't we have it whenever we want?
  10. What if you feel you're with "the one?" Isn't it best just to live in the moment and live each day as if it were your last?
  11. I'm 16, and I really want to have a baby. Why is that so bad?
  12. I've decided to save sex for marriage, but I'm unsure about being completely chaste with my boyfriend. Any advice?
  13. Don't you have to learn from your own mistakes to become who you are?
  14. If you know you're going to die, what's wrong with sleeping with the person you love?

Shacking Up

  1. My boyfriend wants me to move in with him, but I'm not sure. What should I say?
  2. Is it wrong to go on a trip with guys and girls and share a hotel room if the girls have a bed and the boys have a bed?

Thoughts of Lust

  1. Is it bad to always be thinking sexual stuff about girls? If it is, what am I supposed to do?
  2. I know we shouldn't lust, but don't you think a girl's feelings would be hurt if you looked the other way?

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